Kwebblekop… is annoying

Now you may not even know who this is, good, save yourself some valuable time and don’t waste it on this guys channel. In fact I had never even heard of him; which is so strange because when i started watching Youtube, having a million subscribers meant you were a very large Youtuber and a “top dog” of sorts. And now there are so many Youtubers out there that i have never heard of with millions of subs. Kwebblekop (if you plan on keeping your eardrums, don’t follow the link) is a Youtuber who has ~5.365 MILLION subscribers. How he managed to pull this off, I don’t know. Kwebblekop’s channel is mainly a gaming channel ( if you can call playing the same game for nearly 3 years gaming.)His real name is Jordi Maxim van den Bussche who is Dutch and is 21 years old and has been making videos since 2011 with over 1900 of them. He has also accumulated ~1.4 billion views.

So now that we have his personal stuff out of the way it’s time to get into the meat of the “rant”. So there are many reasons that make him  very unlikable and I’m gonna do some the most notable ones. The first one I will cover is his over dramaticism. He’s 21 and yet he acts like a 6 year old. He screams and over-reacts to anything and everything. Now I haven’t watched that many videos made by him (2) but you can easily tell this channel appeals to kids… so why play such vulgar games and use foul language? His channel is obviously made for small children because I’ve never met anyone over the age of 11 who finds constant screaming…


Another point that i made earlier was playing inappropriate games and using bad words doesn’t seem like a great mix with “comedy” that revolves around screaming.

My final point is going to be on him being a “gamer”. He has been playing (as far as I’m aware) Grand Theft Auto 5 since the day of release,  2013.. and he’s still playing it and  still making videos of it and making profit. Another thing to note is he makes two videos daily. This is an obvious sign of pre-recordation.. I don’t even know how many words I’ve created today.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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