Welcome to My Blog

Hello there, this is my first blog post. As you probably guessed, there’s a lot of people that i don’t like in the internet. This blog is going to mainly focus on people on Youtube that I think are annoying, obnoxious and just plain annoying. Of course I won’t limit myself to Youtube. There’s plenty of horrible people out there. The feature picture is of a popular Youtuber  IHateEverything you can find his channel by clicking on his channel name. But anyway i chose his logo because this blog will have the same premise.

But enough about my blog I’m gonna give a little insight about me. Something to know about me is that i am a very big fan of the popular FPS, Counter Strike: Global Offensive by Valve. I’m silver by the way ᕙ( ͡⎚ ͜ʖ ͡⎚)ᕗ. You can add me @Cheeky Chaise on steam.

Thanks for reading and I’ll have my first post out ASAP. I hope you’ll stick around



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