So we learned about inequalities in math. This reminded me about how Youtube quality is unequal. Some are better than others.This is going to be similar to my first real post, Kwebblekop. Let’s start it off by talking about him for a little bit. So Seán William McLoughlin  A.K.A jacksepticeye is 26 years old started uploading in 2012. He dies his hair a lot and I’m not sure why. and  What I mean by this is he is obnoxious, annoying and I can only see the appeal for small children. What i mean by small children is, just like Kwebblekop, I have never met someone over the age of 13 who thinks inane constant yelling and screaming, comedy gold.

I’ve tried to watch some of his videos, but they’re obnoxious right off the get-go. His “catch phrase” of sorts is “Top of the mornin’ to ya” except it’s not just speaking it.. he screams it. Every small child I’ve listened in on loves him as well! Just like kwebblekop, he uses profane language on a channel that is obviously meant for kids. This is one of the reasons that I think monitoring what your children watch is so important.

I just don’t see the appeal myself. However, one plus to him is he plays different games, sometimes even playing indie games. Overall i think he’s a lousy youtuber whose fans are children and find constant screaming funny.


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