Top 5 Annoying people

5.) JackSepticEye

I put him at #5 because I’ve only seen about 3 or 4 of his videos. You can see what I think about him on my page.


SkinFreak is one of my least favorite Youtubers and not only because of the kind of crap content he puts out, but because of who he is as a person. SkinFreak is a “CS:GO Youtuber” if you can even call him that. The reason I say this is because his content is based entirely off of skins. Now a Youtuber that i quite like that’s channel is based off of skins, Mcskillet. But Mcskillet is a very skilled player, while SkinFreak’s channel is entirely skins (and the occasional update video). Now onto his personality. SkinFreak is a very sly and untrustworthy person. I say this because he has faked knife unboxings, and has also been known to to giveaways where people can pay to be in them, hence giving them “purchased” subscribers.

3.) Reaction Channels

This topic has been well addressed on multiple occasions, so I won’t spend too much time on it. The reason I hate Reaction channels so much is because they are the complete polar opposites of content creators. They are content jackers. Now there are some reaction type channels that i actually do enjoy, here are some of them; H3H3 Productions and Idubbbz (kinda, he has a series where he talks about fishy things on KickStarter) there might be more but I can’ think of them off of the top of my head right now. The ones that really make me irritated are channels such as: Jinx, Stomedy and MANY more. There are so many of these channels, but anyway let’s get into what they… “make”. So these channels first started growing popular off of try not to laugh challenges. But things quickly spiraled out of control. These very popular youtube channels watch youtube videos while staring blankly at the screen giving off the occasional, tehe, or haha. The reason I hate these channels so much is because they don’t even make their own content they just stare at the screen and rake in the money. And that’s where I’ll leave it even though there is SO much more that can be said.

-Jinx with his infamous bucket hat

2.) Keemstar

Keemstar has been a tumor on the internet for a very long time now. He solely bases himself on bullying others online. I honestly have no clue on how he gained his internet fame. On his stream, he used to get his legion on 11 year olds to go online to harass people, or go to youtube videos and mass dislike them for no good reason. He is a very cruel man who, himself, acts like an immature child. He goes by “Killer Keemstar”… killer is something used by 5 year olds who think putting killer in their name is edgy and cool. He ruins other peoples reputation, and career on youtube by coming up with bogus claims right off the top of his head.

1.) LeafyIsHere

And now, finally my very least favorite channel… LeafyIsHere. I hate this kids channel! I have known about him since he had about 300k subscribers. I used to actually enjoy his videos until he made fun of an autistic kid! That’s when I realized he was a scumbag. He is pretty much a reaction channel making videos 3 times longer than they need to be. He repeats himself and his horrible jokes multiple times. But anyway, he feeds off of drama and popular content already posted by other people. He uses other people to grow his channel and then simply dumps his friends once he realizes that he can’t feed off of his friends anymore.

-Also Calvin looks like that super offended lady at Walmart. Also he has no chin.

P.S this list is serious, I just have Kappa as the featured image image because I couldn’t think of anything else.


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